Friday, March 26, 2010

Thug Reality -Coty Westley (my big cuz)

I'm the stand up type. Holdin my own. Rep 4 da throne, in a place it aint safe 2 call home! I'm the cast away right? Cuz I shose 2 do wrong. Get money so the honeys can recognize I'm on. Wipe me down is what u better do. I'm the miracle like revenue detected like residue just cuz I got gangsta on em avenue. Na my swag on everychannel. Labeled wild & hard 2 handle so they lock me up dismantle with a come back u aint ready 4! So i pray 2 the father, sag harder, got strength when I thought I couldn't make it any longer! Revolutionize 2 open eyes, like Father like son. My work just started and my life just begun. Yea Kid, I'm the one! The street poet and last don. Got the gift 2 speak in tongues, and the spirit of fire like John! I'm old school like th Bump, cool like Humpty Hump. Gametight, gang right, with the mind of Christ. I stand to be corrected my mistakes stand to be perfected, like a test I shouldn't be neglected. This is a battle of the mind! Yes I'm doin time and until I get free let freedom ring with every word and every rhyme. I mean this till I die, u can seee it in my eyes. This mis more than a movement, this is the reason i breath life!

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